Welcome to Lillegaarden El A/S

Lillegaarden El is an electrical installation company (electrical contractor) with headquarters in Hobro, in the Eastern part of Jutland.

We offer to carry out the tasks through all stages of the project, from design to planning, documentation, installation, commissioning and service. We provide our services throughout Denmark, Greenland and Western Europe.

Lillegaarden El has large experience and knowledge in assembling of electrical systems at industrial plants, especially in the field of thermal power plants and waste handling, as well as supply and installation of low and medium voltage electrical power distribution systems.

At Lillegaarden El we take pride in delivering high quality work and at the agreed time.

We carry out electrification tasks within these areas:

  • Power Plants
  • Industrial Plants
  • Mining Plants
  • Food Industry
  • Cooling systems
  • Data Centers
  • Electrical distribution systems
  • Automation
  • Engineering and design
  • Lighting and civil works
  • Offices and warehouses
  • Housing
  • Agriculture

For further information, please contact :

Mr. Jan Justesen


Phone: +45 30937006


Lillegården El A/S

Erhvervsparken 15
9500 Hobro

Tlf. 98 55 74 11

Klejtrup El

Bækkevej 4, Klejtrup
9500 Hobro

Tlf. 98 54 62 22


Tronkærgårdsvej 20,
8541 Skødstrup

Tlf. 88 20 48 86


Kathrinevej 1,
9610 Nørager

Tlf. 98 55 74 11

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